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What to Expect from Facebook in 2013

FBsinglecolumnAs we all know, Facebook tends to change pretty consistently (yet often without warning) and 2013 will be no different. Consider this a warning on what to expect in the new year when logging in to Facebook. If you’re a small business on Facebook interested in attaining more likes and leads, you’ll want to stay on the lookout.

FB Update #1: Single Column Format

The single column timeline for personal accounts (and eventually brand accounts as well) is expected to be one of the first updates released in the new year. With this new format, the inclusion of apps at the top of the profile and the ability to promote this way will be altered.

The left side of the profile page will be a bit wider and will be fixed to show updates and posts only, meaning you’ll no longer be able to “highlight” posts by stretching them across the page. The right side of the profile page is smaller in width and will be fixed to show Friends, Recent Activity, and other non-messaging updates (as you can see the in the comparison picture).


FB Update #2: New Tabs

As with previous changes, the new look emphasizes the Cover Image and Profile Image.

As a result of the single column timeline, there is a new set of tabs (see picture). Initial impressions of the changes show apps and tabs to be hidden under text headers, which of course places a heavy emphasis on pages to promote their apps online and in-store.

FB Update #3: $1 Facebook Messages

If you look at your inbox, it’s separated into a primary and other/spam inbox. Facebook is testing a program where someone can pay $1 to send a person who is not their friend, a message that will show up in their primary inbox rather than their spam. Word on the street is you can spend $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg himself.

FB Update #4: Video Ads in News Feeds

With the goal of increasing advertising revenue, Facebook is working on a video ad program. This would mean putting 15 second, autoplay video ads in user news feeds, creating a whole new opportunity for brand advertisement. The question is will users put up with these videos on their timelines?

FB Update #5: Cover Photo Updates

Facebook will be watching closely for any cover photos that violate the new Terms and Conditions. This means your photo can’t include a call-to-action, any promotional advertising, no contact information, a maximum 20% test period, and no copyright violation with the photo. These Terms and Conditions are meant to make Facebook look more professional and spam-free.

Make sure to check that your cover photo complies with the 2013 updates. We always recommend staying on Facebook’s good side.

Have questions about possible changes and how they might affect your page? Leave us a comment or contact us today and we’ll be happy to help out however we can.

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