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Enhance Facebook Promotions with In-Store Signage

Facebook and other social media platforms have brought a lot of focus to online marketing as a critical tool for businesses. But for brick-and-mortar operations, nothing makes more of an impact on the consumer than a quality in-store experience. A consistently good or bad in-store experience will inevitably lead to a matching good or bad online reputation.

All that being said, a good in-store experience can open your customers’ hearts and minds to deeper connections with your brand. When it comes to building an online audience, it’s important that you remind customers in your establishment that you have a Facebook page and that they should like you on that page. The best ways to do that are:

  • Encourage your staff to mention it to customers (as well as encourage customers to review your establishment on Facebook, Yelp and other sites that allow reviews)
  • Place QR codes on menus or display signage that link back to your promotion tab (bonus: Friend2Customer apps are viewable on mobile devices, unlike many other Facebook apps)
  • Something as simple as a sign-up sheet at your register can work, as long as you collect email addresses or phone numbers and include your Facebook promotions in your email and text-based marketing efforts
  • Promote your page and URL on signage, such as window displays, banners, digital screens, menus, and more.

That final bullet point can’t be emphasized enough, as customers consistently make decisions (purchasing and otherwise) in-store. Signage directs customers and helps inform them on what to do next. Using your signage to direct them to your Facebook page and promotion is a surefire way to increase your likes and engagement overall.

Here are some great examples of in-store signage promoting an online contest from Friend2Customer client Greek Souvlaki. Notice the creative placements, which include napkin dispensers and even the drive thru:


All in-store signage encourages the user to visit the Greek Souvlaki website, where they’re greeted with this:


The primary link goes directly to their Facebook promotion, where users can sign up and share for a chance to win. The whole thing begins with a great, high-value promotion, but traffic is primarily being driven by signage in the midst of a great in-store experience.

Friend2Customer can create custom signage that can increase your Facebook marketing success. Contact us today for more information.

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