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Facebook Page Insights Upgraded

So let’s start by remembering the old Facebook page analytics and their benefit (if any) to businesses. The two main page metrics of the past include 1.)People Talking About Us (PTAT) and 2.)Virality. PTAT calculated the number of people interacting on your page through likes, sharing, commenting etc. while Virality measured the amount of stories created from the origin of one post.

In short, these metrics weren’t very clear or helpful when trying to justify the time and money spent on a Facebook page.

PostsInsightsBut not to worry, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Facebook has recently made the existing insights better and created some valuable new ones. The new and improved PTAT will now be divided into five separate insights to allow for better understanding and use of engagement:

1. Page Likes

2. People Engaged

3. Page Tags & Mentions

4. Page Checkins

5. Other Interactions

The outdated Virality metric has also been upgraded and renamed to Engagement Rate, which measures everything it did before as well as now accounting for the number of clicks on your posts.

In addition to all of the enhanced metrics, there are also some noteworthy new ones. You’ll now find consolidated data for individual posts in one convenient place. Plus, there’s an exciting new analytic called People Engaged that provides a demographic breakdown of people your page has reached and/or engaged. You’ll be able to examine age, gender, country, city, and language to help identify what content appeals to which audiences.

Talk about a great way to leverage valuable information for smarter decision making on future Facebook strategies. Now’s the time to publish that Friend2Customer Facebook marketing campaign you’ve been considering. Contact us today!



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